Wednesday 11 April 2007

Welcome To the BBC MicroLive Blog

Hi There,

This blog is all about collecting the BBC Computer program MicroLive which aired on the BB between 1984 and 1986. My aim is to keep episodes of this retro computer series in circulation for others to enjoy as i have.

It's great to have watched some of these episodes again now that i am much older, and it's great to see so may old machine still looking impressive for the technology of the time, if looking a little dated now :)

On occasion i might also wander off into old skool micro computer land with some Spectrum, Commodore, A content so be prepared haha.

Over the coming weeks , months and hopefully years i plan to update this blog regularly with the latest microlive episode's/videos i get my hands on and any other micro computer retro videos, articles that i stumble upon and including the odd free game.

I hope you enjoy this blog and any like minded register and leave some comments :)



1 comment:

The Masked Programmer said...

I was looking forward to watching these again as I used to watch them back in the day.

Where have they gone?