Wednesday 6 June 2007

BBC Microlive January 1985 Complete Episode 4


This is Episode Four of the retro computer show BBC MicroLive.

This is the complete episode of Microlive from January 1985 you will have noticed he lack of the December 1984 episode, this is due t the audio being terrible rendering the episode unwatchable. If there is a demand for that episode i can share it with those who want it.

Some of the features in the program include.

Word Precessing challenge between BBC Micro, Atari 800XL, Comodore 64, Sinclair QL.

Lesley Judd = Cellular radio call world's first on tv.

Freff = from hollywood and looks at celular phones.

Fred Harris = Looks at educational software.

Download the full Episode Four below :)

BBC Microlive November 1984 Complete Episode 2Screenshots